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Rod of Power

More than an introduction into the Red Focus, this Fundamental will be tying together many of the things you have learned so far. This Rod of Power refers to quite a few things. First off, there is a concept that has gone by many names that this is referring to. The Middle Pillar, Axis Mundi, Kundalini to name a few. It all has to do with the blueprint and how it can physically be used by the body. Discipline, training, and self-love are key. The body is a vehicle, a machine. Not only is physical and socio-political power important (and something the Red Path focuses on), the body outputs real energy. We will explore playing with the aura and experimenting and conditioning the body to harness and use energy. This involves learning the Chakras, energy centers that are actual anatomical physical structures in the body. How they can be trained and conditioned and how they are used. We will finally discuss the actual practition of spirit and its basics, mostly the governing laws and apotrope: protection, wards, charging, cleansing and banishment. This is so that you can move on to higher things and real practices as you level up.




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