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If you're new to the site, welcome. This is a free platform that can be played kind of like a video game, complete with leveling up as well as learning new abilities. Except what you read here is real.  ​ If you were guided here, for the time being we are looking for intelligent individuals who already understand the Arcane. Those who are are willing and able to help spread the truth about the science of spirituality and usher in a new age of understanding. If you are reading these words, there is much for you to gain as this website is being developed you can be a collaborative part of the building of what will become an international religious movement. This website is free and you may get to the very last level without ever having to pay a dime. The goal is to make this experience increasingly interactive and more game-like as it grows and develops. You will only purchase things if you want to along the way as you read and learn. There is an arcane aspect to every field in existence. While there is a subject in science for everything under the sun, for what we cover here there is not only very little research being done but in fact it is being censored. Similarly, in the field of spirituality there is an arcane side that is being suppressed. Ancient truths that connect all world religions are actively being brushed under the rug. Many live under the false religion as prophesied in many faith systems. Even if one were to come here that knew everything about the arcane, this is a great platform to build a community surrounding the truth and to gain more traffic to your own stores or services if you wish, or to teach the arcane yourself. All it takes is reading. The site is more complex than it looks on the surface. Click Enter below "Getting Started" to learn more.

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Whether you're brand new or want to review how this Website works, click Enter.

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"But the attitude of faith is to let go, and become open to truth, whatever it might turn out to be."

-Alan Watts



Let your curiosity stream

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