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Language allows us to know things outside of ourselves. From hieroglyphs to mathematics, a simple system of symbols has given humankind language and has taken humankind to great heights. What has been called Divination often uses a more complex matrix of symbols to peer even further than language and simple numeric systems. And these Divination techniques allowed the Ancients to peer through reality and time similarly to how mathematics allows us to peer through reality and time. This is the art of how prophecies were made. More than just knowing the signs however, divination uncovers certain pathways for the mind in order to effectively understand reality. Everything has a language. Mathematics, animal behavior, stars, trees, the energy that surrounds us, absolutely everything is 'speaking' or transmitting a kind of language at all times that can be 'heard' or perceived by those attuned. Learn those languages. Forge the connections and pathways of the mind necessary in order to hear and understand the pathways of the Arcane. This involves learning the subconscious, archetypes and nature of things around us.    Within each lesson, there is not only a Divination method to learn, but a key concept to begin transforming the mind in order to pierce the veil and see reality as it truly is. Each Divination method also relates to, and is largely used by, one of the color focuses. The Blue focus is able to understand and use them all interchangeably. 1. Numbers (Brown)- The nature of Language and Connections in the brain. Even a simple language like mathematics, a system of counting 0 through 9, has unveiled a way of seeing the fabric of reality through association and connections. This is a good example to start with. It shows how even simple patterns can give insight into reality. It is a proven and formal field of science yet is still a mystery even among the academics who use numbers. 2. Astrology (Yellow)- Macrocosm and Microcosm. The 'As above, so below' concept helps us realize that we are part of a greater whole. Also, we ARE a whole to the many components that we are comprised of. The Macrocosm is the Microcosm. Take into consideration that the stars have been a universal language all along. It has been humanity's clock for every significant culture around the world since known history. Because of this clock, there are important warnings of cataclysms that have happened in the past. More than this, being able to shift your perspective to either the greater scale of things (macrocosm), or compartmentalized parts and singularities (microcosm) is very important to our consciousness and understanding of all things. 3. Oracle (Red)- Everything truly happens for a reason. Cause and Effect can be very complex. Using chance or fortune is one of the most fundamental aspects of ancient divination. Due to the extreme odds used in the ritual, it sets up a kind of soap box for the universe to tell us what we need to hear. Amazingly, it works. Science is dogmatic and has too much of a collectively closed mind to seriously investigate these things in the modern age. Those that have studied it scientifically in the past have been bewildered. Synchronicity is a key word. The very word and the pondering of its meaning unveils much of reality's nature. 4. Tarot (Orange)- Archetypes and the Realm of Forms. The Subconscious and dreams speak to us in this language. It can seem abstract, but it may be even truer than our senses. For instance, when we dream we not only see the images, but there is a reason behind what we see. Attached with the images we have strong feelings. This is because the Form of that image in our mind is an archetype. A complex world of symbols, one image can truly speak to many different things. And on several different levels. All of these connections can make the imagery powerful. This is how the Tarot Cards can be so impactful. The art of rhetoric, allegory and metaphor comes from this realm of Forms and is foundational to all divination. We must feel and experience this art of higher thinking to develop our subconscious and Mind's Eye.  5. Omens (Green)- The most primordial form of divination, "Augury" is an innate part of us. We are biologically attuned with this world. It would be far too easy to give in to superstition or to see what we want in nature. Weeding out these things, our spiritual brothers and sisters can tell us a great deal of things, even directly, by knowing their language and habits. But what is more, we understand from previous lessons that there are no coincidences. Nature can be an extremely spiritual source that guides us intentionally. After all, Nature IS reality. The universe as it is. What better way to understand reality than by directly observing how it functions? Often we will find that there is a message of a conundrum or ultimatum. This is very important. Omens often show us when there is a crossroad and a choice to be made. This is typically when we most need an omen whether we know it or not. Interpreting it is not always easy. But one has to remember that nature is not the realm of logic and intellect. Use your heart, close your eyes and focus on what nature was trying to accomplish through this act.  6. Scrying (Purple)- The pinnacle of divination, but also its root. Scrying takes a connection to the subconscious. Using a medium like a glass or crystal orb helps to be able to 'zone out'. You are using your own connection with the collective unconscious. Those naturally attuned with this stream of consciousness are quite rare. Through practice many others could find a knack and even great potential. But particularly in this field, you must be wary of charlatans, people claiming to be a seer for money and clout. Many more will simply not have the gift. Just like being able to let your eyes settle to see one of those 3-D pictures, one has to be able to let their whole mind settle into a subconscious state. Even when that is achieved, an adept at navigating that current is needed to go out and find relevant information for the question at hand. Otherwise they are lost out to sea so to speak. This is the path to prophecy. Often, it is hard to translate what is seen. This is why many prophecies are cryptic. The farther you look into the future, the more difficult it will be to relate it to anything. That is why we hear stories of scorpions with fire coming from their tails (tanks) or a web stretched out across the lands (power lines). Also the farther one peers out, the more dangerous it is before you seemingly 'lose your mind'.             Weed out superstition from true divination. Learn to see the past and future.

Numerology and Connections

Oracle and the Sage


Astrology and the Macrocosm

Tarot and Archetype

Scrying and the Path to Prophecy

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