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 Sword of Spirit

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Those who study the Arcane (Hidden Knowledge) look at spirituality differently. All World Religions derived from the same truth. Like a tree, the same truths spread out over all the Earth and it is all connected. Consider how we as a Human family all derived from the same central point. We migrated all over the world in all directions. Our ancestors all passed down the same stories, information so important it has been passed down for thousands of years. Below you will see a compass. Each cardinal direction looks at one branch of the human migration and its truths. However we will start at the central point. Simply click the Tower of Babel in the middle of the compass. But first, please take a look at the video below. Graham Hancock talks about a way of looking at the past and the stories that were passed down by our ancestors. This is the way those who practice the Arcane look at mythology and other religious stories. We call this perspective of looking at all faiths as connected and considering them logically "Interdiscipline" This Fundamental is an introduction to the Yellow Focus.

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